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Michelin-Starred With a 5-Star View

Even before construction began on the Palms Resort & Casino, Las Vegas’ Original Celebrity Chef André Rochat claimed “dibs” for his third restaurant at the very top of the skyscraper. It was time to create a restaurant with a view.

He still remembers walking onto the open concrete slab, 56 stories high, with billowing plastic serving as “temporary windows” and wondering just what sort of gust of wind might boost him out over the city of Las Vegas. Ignoring a skitter of doubt at his “possible preposterous plan,” Chef André continued forward with completion … and what a completion it was, becoming one of the world’s top-ranked restaurants with a view of the entire Las Vegas Strip and surrounding city.

An international award-winning stunner since its grand opening day, Alizé is simply magnificent.
Alizé sits higher than any restaurant in operation in New York City, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco or a host of any other cosmopolitan cities. In fact, there are just three restaurants in the entire United States that are equal or higher elevation to Alizé.

… But it’s not just the 56th-floor view that makes Alizé so breathtaking.
From his initial days as an apprentice at the age of 14 in Lyon, France, Chef André Rochat knew he was destined for “higher ground.” After several successful restaurants, he chose to make his mark in Las Vegas when $5 prime rib buffets were the rage. In 1980, his André’s French Restaurant was not only the talk of the town – it created a paramount shift in the way visitors to Las Vegas were wined and dined.

When the option for the Palms came along, Chef André signed the contract to begin construction way up there … took all the experience from his 20-plus years of international renown and consistent top-ranking awards at his existing Las Vegas restaurant  … and sought out two of the most talented chefs in the industry, renowned Chef de Cuisine Mark Purdy and award-winning Pastry Chef Tammy Alana

Now, it’s time for you to rise above. Click Reservations and graduate UP to the finest dining experience, 56 stories above the Las Vegas Strip at Alizé.