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The Largest Las Vegas Cognac & Armagnac Collection

Chef André Rochat’s armagnac and cognac collection is a “celebrity” collection in its own right. It is the largest Las Vegas cognac and armagnac collection, and ranks in the top 3 in North America for sheer size. The collection is unrivaled in number of rare armagnacs and cognacs, including the largest collection of Hardy Cognac outside the family’s own collection, including:
•  Jacques Hardy Cognac, Private Reserve, Vintage 1777, at $35,000/bottle (there are just 4 bottles in the world)
•  Courvoisier Succesion J.L.
•  Hardy, Perfection

Chef André leaves no stone unturned when it comes to fulfilling his lifelong hobby of researching and acquiring the rarest cognac collections. As an example, Rochat’s collection offers three sets of the famed Erte´ Courvoisier Cognac Collection – each consisting of eight bottles. Less than 100 cognac collections in the world possess the entire 8-bottle Erte set.)

Offering 100-year-old and 200-year-old cognac by the glass or half pour

Additionally, vintage ports begin with the 1966 Sandeman and the oldest Madeira on hand, and we pour vintages by the shot, from 1802 through 1914. Even the J. Chapoulie, Legendaire, 98 Year Armagnac is available by the glass or half pour.

Taste the difference in the finest cognacs, ports and armagnacs in the world.

Beverage Director Patrick Trundle regularly offers whiskey tastings, cognac tastings, and single-malt scotch events. If you’re interested in hosting a tasting at your next private party or event, Contact Us with details.