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When we refer to Michelin-starred restaurant, Alizé at “the top of the Palms Casino,” most people don’t have an idea of what that really looks like until they walk into our dramatic perch in the sky. At that point, they are floored.

Fifty-six stories above Las Vegas, Alizé is Celebrity Chef Andre´Rochat’s crowning achievement in both floor-to-ceiling views and decadent, award-winning modern French cuisine.

Thanks to its amazing view, coupled with the most innovative and flexible Group Dining Menus and Hors d’Oeuvres Menus, Alizé is a leading institution in Las Vegas for group dining, special event parties, weddings and wedding receptions, corporate event buy-outs and more. (Who wouldn’t want their group dining guests to experience this kind of pampering?)

Chef Andre’s First Thoughts as He Surveyed His Soon-To-Be Restaurant In the Sky …

Even before construction began on the great Palms Resort & Casino in the late 1990s, Chef André claimed “dibs” for his third restaurant at the very top of the skyscraper. It was time to create a restaurant with a view.

He still remembers walking onto the open concrete slab to inspect the view of his future restaurant and finding himself wondering, instead,  just what sort of gust of wind might boost him out over the city of Las Vegas. Ignoring the mental chatter that told him this was a preposterous idea, Chef André marched boldly forward in usual style, completing what has become one of the world’s top-ranked restaurants with the most spectacular view of the entire Las Vegas Strip and surrounding city.

An International Award-Winning Stunner, Alizé is One of the Four Highest Restaurants in the United States.

The Alizé Restaurant sits higher than any restaurant in operation in New York City, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco or a host of any other cosmopolitan cities. In fact, there are just three restaurants in the entire United States that are equal or higher elevation to Alizé.

… But it’s Not Just the 56th-Floor View that Makes Alizé so Breathtaking.

When the option for the Palms came along, Chef André signed the contract to begin construction way up there … took all the experience from his 20-plus years of international renown and consistent top-ranking awards at André’s … and sought out one of the most sought-after chefs in the entire industry, renowned Chef de Cuisine Mark Purdy.

Together they have invented a contemporary French menu, an acclaimed Tasting Menu and Group Dining menus that round out what thousands of diners claim to be THE most memorable evening of their dining-out lives.