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When it comes to today’s take on wedding cakes, we all know that brides have been adding wedding cupcakes to the mix for a few years running.

In many cases, brides will do a smaller main cake, and then supply a mix of cupcakes for their guests. All well and good but, somehow, when you put that idea in our Pastry Chef Tammy Alana’s head, you know she’s going to come up with a new innovation.

Wedding Cupcakes are So Yesterday … Meet Today’s “Cakelet!”

As you can see in the photo, these miniature wedding cakes sit atop our Alizé menu to give you an idea of their mini stature. Tiered, flowered and frosted, each Cakelet stands about 4 inches high. While these pictured are lemon Cakelets, Pastry Chef Tammy can and will do just about any flavor and color desired, including all the best-selling flavors she rolls into her nightly soufflé creations. (See yet another photo below.)

Forget those ordinary wedding cupcakes. Imagine these beautiful Cakelets greeting each of your guests at their place settings, or distributed as take-away gifts at night’s end. Or, ask our staff to carefully display these miniature gems on our tiered fine silver or porcelain platters.

Given that we’re dealing with our endlessly talented Pastry Chef here, don’t limit yourself to thinking of these Cakelets for weddings only. Ask Jana Lane Southard, our Group Dining Director, to work with Tammy on creating these magnificent treats for birthdays, corporate dinners and parties, and special occasion events. Call Jana directly at (702) 798-7151 to start planning your inventive dining event.

Coupled with our newly innovative Group Dining Menus and Group Hors d’Ouevres Menus at each of our restaurants, these miniature cakes offer a memorable “slice” of an unforgettable evening.

P.S. Peruse Alizé Group & Wedding Dining Menu and Alizé Hors D’Ouevres Menus for Groups here. Get started with our Alizé Group Dining request form