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A culminating event in the year-long celebration of Andre’s 35th Year Anniversary occurred on Sunday, March 29th. And what an event it was!

More than 130 guests packed into the cocktail party just outside the doors of Andre’s Restaurant for drinks, tray-passed hors d’oeuvres and fun speeches and presentations prior to being seated for a high-level-multi course dinner.

Meanwhile, the kitchen was abuzz with more than 18 chefs (and their assistants!) working to produce single courses of the enormous menu. Aside from our resident executive chefs who continue to work with Chef André, 16 master chefs from all over the country joined Chef André Rochat.  These master chefs all share one common thread – they have all apprenticed under Chef André at some point in his 35-year history here in Las Vegas.

Each of our guest chefs has gone on to create masterpiece kitchens and restaurants of his or her own. But for one night only, they re-joined their true master – the mentor who set them on their paths!

It was a magnificent night of course after course of the finest original menu items, faultless wine pairings with each course, and countless reunions between chefs, servers and longtime loyal diners.

The 35 tear celebration continues all year long at both of Chef Andre’s restaurants – Andre’s at the Monte Carlo and Alizé at the top of the Palms Ivory Tower. See details in our blog here for ongoing wine and dining specials.