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Recently, a gentleman contacted us for a unique wedding reception in Las Vegas. Once we learned the details of his wedding 10 years ago, we were more than happy to get a little creative in providing a wedding reception at Alizé that was as memorable as the original wedding.

topsy-turvy-ful-wedding-cake-AlizeAs it turns out, he and his lovely bride had plans to wed 10 years ago in Las Vegas. At that time, they had planned the wedding and wedding reception in Las Vegas at the Bellagio. It was a sizable wedding, and an even larger wedding reception, with friends and family flying in from all points.

Just days before the wedding, though, the entire plan was set back on its heels when someone very important to the wedding party got terribly ill. The bride and groom cancelled all their plans for Las Vegas and chose, instead, to get married in a small ceremony at home.

Ten years later, and still happily married, the “groom” decided it was time to have a real wedding for his bride. Under his wife’s nose, he secretly re-organized the entire wedding at the Bellagio, this time moving the wedding reception to our Alizé restaurant on the 56th floor of the Palms Casino.

When he called us to ask Pastry Chef Tammy Alana for a wedding cake, he asked if she might be able to replicate the same “topsy turvy” wedding cake they had done for their dramatically altered wedding plans way back when. He sent a very old, somewhat grainy photo and Tammy went to work. As he had hoped, she did “one up” on the original cake – he and his bride were delighted with the reincarnated Topsy Turvy cake.

Remember, when you’re planning a wedding reception Las Vegas style, it doesn’t matter if you’ve had “kattywampus” or “topsy turvy” on your way to getting here. We’ll make sure we create all the custom touches that keep your wedding or wedding reception entirely unique to you.

To inquire into booking Alizé for your wedding or wedding reception 56 stories above Las Vegas, call Jana Lane Southard, (702) 798-7151, or complete our Wedding & Group Inquiries Form here.